Graduation Gift

Hurry before they are all gone! Get the perfect graduation gift.  Gradation Gift Advertisements

Laser Engraved

Customized Laser Engraving

Crown Moulding Sizes

Here are some suggestions for choosing your Crown Moulding Size.  Click here for chart.

Is that an Antique or is it Antiqued?

Is that an Antique or is it Antiqued? So what is the difference in Antique and Antiqued? Well, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary Antique means this: Click here to find out.

Antiqued Mirror Backsplash

Antiqued Mirror Backsplash How can something so simple make such a drastic difference? This is stunning. Click on the photo to see full. To see more photos visit our website: Antiqued Mirror Backsplash

Help! I just found a side table that I love and must have, but it is too tall. What can I do?

“I just found a side table that I love and must have. But it is too tall.   What can I do? The company doesn’t offer the table in any other size!!!  It is about 2 inches too tall for where I want it. HELP!!” Call us.   Chances are we can get it to the … Continue reading

5 Great Tips for Decorating with Mirrors

5 Great Tips for Decorating with Mirrors 1. Add a mirror on one of your dinning room walls, for a touch of elegance. 2. Click to see the other 4 tips.

Mirror Magic

Mirror Magic….. Mirrors can create magic in your room.   If you have a small room, add a large mirror and WHALA, you now have a larger room.   Do you have dark room?  Add a few mirrors and TADA, it’s magic light. The reflection of the mirror makes the area look and feel larger … Continue reading

Do you know what is Red, Blue & Yellow?

Do you know what is Red, Blue & Yellow? Primary and Secondary colors of course. Everyone was taught this in school, but sometimes we forget. For more information click here. 

What is a Cabochon?

What is a Cabochon? A cabochon is a gem or bead that has been cut in convex form and is highly polished but it is not faceted.   Simply put it is a style of cutting or shaping. A cabochon can be cut or formed into any shape.  Oval is the most common. The term … Continue reading

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