Wooden Stained Glass Frames

Wooden Stained Glass Frames Before the snow hits or before we blow away, we are delivering  8 wooden stained glass frames.   They are calling for dusting of snow today in the 3500 ft elevations in the NC mountains.  The winds gusts are 50 mph. I can’t believe summer is over but this photo taken … Continue reading

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets We are finishing up the trim work on the clients kitchen cabinets today.  They love the work we have done so much they are wanting us to do some work in their beach house!!   That is what quality work does for you.

Upholstery Terms Caning and Rushing

Upholstery Terms Caning and Rushing Caning and Rushing as described in Furniture Upholstery and Repair, A Sunset Book Caning is the process of weaving rattan cane (thin) strips through holes in the frame edge or wedging pre-woven cane webbing in grooves cut into a frame.  Rattan cane is used as seats and decorative panels. Rushing … Continue reading

The Wood N Mirror Company

The Wood N Mirror Company Website! Just a friendly reminder if you have not been to our website lately you need to go! We have been busy giving it a face lift and we want show it to you.  www.WoodNMirror.com Please let us know what you think.  If you see anything that needs tweaking, let … Continue reading

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend   Labor Day Weekend means the end of summer.  Fall colors are coming.  Fall is beautiful with all the colors but I hate to see summer leave.  It means it won’t be  long until the ground is white with snow.   This also means the holiday’s are coming.  Now is the time … Continue reading

Antique Mirrors for sale

Antique Mirrors for sale If you are interested in seeing some of our small mirrors, check out ebay…. for the next 7 days.   Ends Sun September 11!  SOLD!!! 3 silver framed mirrors SOLD!! Octagonal mirror  2 Silvered Plates

Humpty Dumpty – The Emperor Statue

Humpty Dumpty – The Emperor Statue   Woodworkers, like Ross, that are also artist get to do interesting thing.     Our grandson called this project Humpty Dumpty. You know the nurse rhyme: `Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the King’s horses and all the King’s men Couldn’t put Humpty … Continue reading

Who took Woodworking in school?

Who took Woodworking in school? Now that we got Math Class out of the way (yesterdays blog http://goo.gl/NnWcG), who took “shop” in school?   Remember, it was called “Shop Class.”  You got to do all kinds of things like take a motor apart and put it back together, laid bricks and if you were lucky you … Continue reading

Were you awake in Math Class?

Were you awake in Math Class? Every wonder why you had to take geometry in school?  Or why you had to learn about fractions? The math teachers never told you any good reasons you might need this stuff one day, or maybe they did and we were not paying attention. Hummm.   Here is a great reason … Continue reading

Woodworking on Sunday?

Woodworking on Sunday? We are kind of doing woodworking today. Does restoring an old Scotty camper count as woodworking? If so then, yes woodworking on Sunday! Here is what it looked like months ago:   Here is what it looked like after taking everything off and rebuilding:     Here is what it looked like … Continue reading

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